It is agreed that all information is furnished for your private use only and is supplied in strict confidence.

You the Client agree with I.U.I. (hereafter referred to as the Company), that all information is supplied on the express understanding that the Company is not held responsible for damage or loss arising from insufficient or inaccurate information whether by reason of mistake or negligence by it or its servants.

Not at any time or under any circumstances is the name of the Company to be used in respect of litigation or in any correspondence, documents etc., concerned with litigation purposes.

The Company will not, under any circumstances, supply sworn affidavits concerning information supplied nor will the Company, or any of its servants, attend any hearings, trials etc., in respect of information supplied.

In the event of a traced address being queried by a client the original report is logged back into the system as a re-check at which time original sources are re-investigated and further additional sources obtained if available. In the event of the original information being found to have been correct then a re-check charge is incurred, if however the original information provided proves incorrect than a further trace will be undertaken at no extra cost. In the event of the original information being incorrect and a new trace being unavailable then a credit note is raised in respect.

No responsibility can be accepted in the event of incorrect or misleading information being supplied at the time of instruction thus resulting in the tracing of the incorrect subject.

Our turnaround times for reports and tracings services may vary and therefore should be used as a guide only. An Express Service giving a guaranteed turnaround time is available on request.

All Instructions are received and accepted strictly subject to the terms and conditions of I.U.I.

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